You're here because you
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Are you engaged? Engaged Philanthropy allows philanthropists to provide
intellectual, social, and financial capital to non-profits, charities, enterprises, and social enterprises.


The Business of Good is dedicated to making a difference in people’s everyday lives.  Through social investing and partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations, we step beyond merely donating funds. Engaged philanthropy allows us to make meaningful change in the lives and communities we touch through education, employment, and entrepreneurship.
Extending our founder’s desire to commit both his fortune and his business acumen to better humankind, the Business of Good works by investing, mentoring, and lending to a range of hopeful students, entrepreneurs, and lives often overwhelmed and undone by conditions beyond their control.

“If you don’t give with a free hand, you shouldn’t bother giving at all.” With these words, Tim McCarthy’s mother came to shape what would become the philosophy of The Business of Good. They are words that have fueled Tim and his wife Alice’s efforts to make engaged philanthropy a reality.
From a modest beginning, the Business of Good Foundation now has a dedicated staff working with collaborative organizations seeking to offer a free hand to free those working to advance their dreams.


Every investment is designed to deliver returns. For us, the return isn’t about getting richer. It’s about enriching the opportunities and possibilities of those whose time and futures we share. Social investing takes venture capital of course. But it also asks for something more: knowledge, skill, advice, understanding, mentoring.


Our foundation partners with a variety of nonprofits whose goals and missions we share. Here you will find a range of profiles highlighting how we typically interact to advance the well-being of the many individuals and communities we serve

Our partners don’t just write checks — they help write futures. What separates us — and those who join us — is commitment.

Our partners don’t just write checks — they help write futures.

A Journey to Engaged Philanthropy

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