Book: The One Page Business Plan for Non-Profit Organizations

Written by Jim Horan [more]

Author’s Note:  Strategic planning processes have changed little during my 35 year business career.  They remain too complex and ineffective.  In my opinion, many planning processes undertaken by non-profits are too long and expensive, providing little to no return on the investment – for both funders and the organization itself.  The key to planning is simplicity. The key to simplicity is focus.  Horan’s book provides a guide to create a focused plan that links vision to strategy, strategy to execution, and execution to results. 

Excerpt: “If your non-profit is struggling with its planning process…it is highly likely you have made too big of a project out of it…instead of documenting everything you know about your organization and all the decisions have already been made…get focused on the issues and opportunities that have the potential to move your organization forward
…and monitor progress and results religiously.”   


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