More or Less | Jeff Shinabarger

Editor’s Comments: I found this book in my stack waiting, perhaps for years.  I sadly cannot even remember who gave it to me.  I took and shot and was encouraged to get all the way through it by the author’s plain, humble and practical approach to the theme I’ve been wrestling with for a couple decades.  “How much is Enough”?  Young Shinabarger and his wife dedicate each chapter to stories that they and others have done to give from their excess.  They fascinate with actual stories such as Jeff and Andre (said wife) lasting 7 weeks without going to the grocery store (they ate everything in their kitchen fridge, freezer and pantry – 147 meals in all) and Andre going 156 days without wearing the same outfit.  Some stories lead to social movements such as and  It’s a light, easy read which is so different from most Christian, self-help or brag books.  If you haven’t seen it, pick up a copy.

Favorite Excerpt: “Our goal from the beginning was not to feel guilt but rather to feel grateful for our excess and then begin to bless friends around us with our abundance…maybe this is a chance to create a societal shift from feeding unnecessary desires to addressing issues of suffering throughout the world.” 

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