Quote of the Month

Editor’s Comment:   The poem below, appearing as this month’s quote, is written by my son, Timmy.

What is enough?
Your first home
Being able to afford a room at a motel 8
A week at the Ritz Carlton
Being able to buy a meal
A mansion
A 600 sq ft apartment
The penthouse
A tarp to sleep under
A condo downtown
A park bench
The last space at the shelter
A tent
A box
The stars and sky?

What is enough?
Making it to work on time
The moment…
Your boss stops being a jerk
Your boss sees what you do well
Having some friends that care about you
Having a ton of friends
More muscles
A cuter nose
More hair
More disciples
More followers
That next promotion with a nice title change
That next sales bonus
Running a library
Being a teacher
Teaching ADHD kids
Teaching honors students
Teaching a kid on the autism spectrum
Teaching an adult on the autism spectrum
Starting a movement
Changing a law
Passing a bill
Passing a bill with your name on it
Knowing your kids
Having your kids know you?

What is enough?
Having people just leave you alone
Throwing the best block party of the year
Having people you’re meeting with just show up on time
Having $3,000 in a savings account
Having $1,000,000 invested
Having $10,000,000
Starting a company
Selling a company
Winning one more…
Having a restaurant
Being surrounded by people you love when you die
Being surrounded by the people you love right now?

What is enough?
Being mayor
Or governor
Having a seat in the senate
Or the president
One more push of Botox
One more pound off the waist
One more meal
One more steak with that awesome asparagus and those delicious cheesy potatoes
A beautiful meal of fresh veggies
Cabbage soup
A purse
A closet full of clothes
A drawer to put clothes in
A place to wash your clothes
Becoming a priest
A rabbi
Having a congregation
Becoming a member of a group
Finding yourself
Creating yourself
Having no-self?

What is enough?
24 hours in a day
Having a lifetime of 20 year, 40 years, 60 years, 82 years
Living 10 lifetimes
Having one more year
Never dying…being infinite
Having one more moment
Having this moment?
Is this enough?
This moment right now
With whatever you have
And are
And are doing
And being.

Is this enough?
if you don’t decide
Life will
For you.

Then you get to decide again…
Is this enough?

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