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Nina Cried Wolf


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Editor’s Comment: Another Caitlin reference, Hozier is an Irish musician with a powerful voice and lyrics packed with meaning. In this song, he honors many pioneering artists of civil rights, mostly singers like Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, James Brown, BB King and John Lennon but the title honor goes to Montgomery/Selma, Alabama activist Nina Simone. He is accompanied by the powerful voice of activist singer, Mavis Staples. If you’re into music calling for social change, turn it up loud. If you’re like me, you’ll get goose bumps.

Favorite Lyric:: I couldn’t pick my favorite lyrics so here are the entire first three verses!

It's not the wakin', it's the risin'

It is the groundin' of a foot uncompromisin'

It's not forgoin' of the lie

It's not the openin' of eyes

It's not the wakin', it's the risin'

It's not the shade we should be cast in

It's the light and it's the obstacle that casts it

It's the heat that drives the light

It's the fire it ignites

It's not the wakin', it's the risin'

It's not the song, it is the singin'

It's the heaven of the human spirit ringin'

It is the bringin' of the line

It is the bearin' of the rhyme

It's not the wakin', it's the risin'

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