Equal Amount Time and Money

As an engaged philanthropy, we aren’t looking for donors to just cut checks. We seek partners and collaborators ready to donate something perhaps even more valuable — their time, their expertise, and their insight. Whether you are an individual, a family trust or foundation, or an organization, working with us allows you to dramatically expand the power of your giving.

That can only happen though if you are prepared to commit more than money. You can serve as a business coach, an entrepreneurial advisor, a mentor for students or aspiring business owners, or in any other number of roles. You can offer guidance to help start-ups achieve success. Participate in workshops and forums designed to advance the business of doing good — the one business that’s help others make a living, realize a dream, and achieve their full human potential.

In joining us, you’re joining a network whose member do more than open their pocketbooks, they open themselves — who they are, what they believe — for the betterment of humankind.