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I'm Tim McCarthy

Entrepreneur | Engaged Philanthropist | Writer | Coach

I'm here solely to share my learning in business and engaged philanthropy with like-minded people. Ideally, I will continue to build up my audience through readership and talks, but since I've been at it for 30 years now I also want find my folks, so I'd be thrilled if you subscribed to my monthly email or connected with me on LinkedIn.

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I want to share my journey and connect with people in the hope that my story might be helpful to others​​. 

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Tim McCarthy

Tim and Alice

The Business of Good

My wife, Alice, and I started the foundation in 1997. The Business of Good is a private 501c3 and entirely self-funded. We started by contributing 25% of our company's pretax profits each year to build the first foundation and have experienced several iterations over our 22 year of work.

But our mission has never changed: "we serve those who serve the poor." So far, we've invested over $10 million and thousands of hours to support existing non-profit organizations who solely serve the working poor. Our mission centers on three long term solutions to poverty: knowledge, jobs and self-employment. 


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